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Adidas have finetuned its lightweight Terrex Solo approach shoe using legendary Stealth rubber, a unique compound that offers unbeatable grip and ultimate performance on any angle terrain. Comfortable, light and with superb grip, Outdoor Award winner Terrex Solo also offers high-impact ADIPRENE cushioning, and a midsole, which features EVA foam, and has been reinforced using a TPU film, enabling comfortable, but dynamic movement, even during longer trails. The shoe also features strategically placed loops on the heel so it can be attached to the rest of your gear with a carabiner. watch the video

Available for purchase in Europe here

via Bless This Stuff http://ift.tt/1x1ui39

Spotted a tall ship in New York Harbor this evening on my scenic walk home. by oliverjeffers

Renaissance Hotel. London. Euston Road. #vscocam #vsco #london #hotel #londonhotel #boutiquehotel #renaissancehotels by buttressbuttress

Sophie-Griotto-illus http://ift.tt/1rHmQJV

One dog goes one way and the other goes the other. #goodfellas by patrickwitty

#lotusseason #westlake #hanoi #vietnam #summertime #aroundthecity #july #2014 by haithanhptw

Common Ground http://ift.tt/1sCITUS

Frame by Frame – Trailer http://ift.tt/1mv2Epp

Common Ground from RED REEL on Vimeo.


Several ranching and farming communities living against the stunning landscape of the Rocky Mountain Front in Montana are faced with the decision of what is to become of this unprotected public land. As the community battles with the idea of proposing more wilderness areas, heritage and tradition are seemingly defended on both sides. When the people begin to raise their voices, they come to find that what is feared most is change.

A RED REEL film, Common Ground was made possible by The Conservation Alliance and three of its members: CLIF Bar, Osprey Packs, and Horny Toad Clothing.

To learn more head to commongrounddoc.com

Frame by Frame – Trailer from RED REEL on Vimeo.

framebyframethefilm.com - COMING EARLY 2015

Following a devastating media blackout enforced by the Taliban, four local photojournalists face the realities of building Afghanistan’s first free press.

In 1996, the Taliban banned photography in Afghanistan. Taking a photo was considered a crime. When the US invaded after 9/11, Afghans saw the Taliban regime topple, the media blackout disappear, and a promising media industry emerge. Now, in a country facing abject uncertainty and ongoing war, Afghanistan’s young press struggles to be a free press.

Frame by Frame is a feature-length documentary that follows four Afghan photojournalists navigating a young and dangerous media landscape. Through intimate verite moments and never-before-seen archival footage, the film reveals a struggle in overcoming the odds to capture the truth.

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