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The tumblr of James Mattison an English graphic designer, typographer, occasional photographer, father, car, watch and style enthusiast, living in Dubai


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It’s a common sight in warmer months here to see men walking the streets with a domed cage dangling from one hand. Most are carrying a single Chukar Partridge or “Cauk” as they’re known here. While some live the simple life of a pet others are bought and sold - like many other animals - to fight. Andrew Quilty / Oculi. 17.4.2014 by andrewquilty

Hashim, gardener at the house of the last princess of Manipur, Imphal, Manipur, India. #latergram #imphal #manipur #india #asia #garden #plant #everydayasia by everydayasia

Sailing on my friend. Sail on. by zakshelhamer

Obsessing Over: Klas http://ift.tt/1hMete2

Etienne Bardelli http://ift.tt/1hVzGfy

ilovecharts: Palm R http://ift.tt/1hVzI76

The girls check out my New York fashion week photos by allisonsarahjoyce

Photo by @TomasVH. A smile is one of our most basic and simple reactions. Yet in photojournalism, it’s almost a taboo to show. When documenting natural disasters, conflict and poverty, we photographers often search for a distinct moment which captures the grave circumstances, often avoiding the joy and triumph of the human spirit which appears even in the most challenging situations. This photo of members of the Young Communist League in China is part of VII’s current exhibition focusing on smiles. Featuring 85 photographs, the exhibition can be seen through May 1, 2014 at Brookfield Place, Winter Garden, 220 Vesey Street, New York, NY. What makes you smile? Submit your own smile photo using the hashtag #ShareMySmile. @ArtsBrookfield by viiphoto

Met Lai for lunch today. #yosushi

A reminder of our luxury desert getaway #vscocam

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